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This is an 80's action-adventure series with real, breathing characters and believable situations, even if some of those situations involve mutated NaziVargulf berserkers and spiderweb grenades. What I didn't expect was that the setting would grow as much as it has. There is war on three continents, spies, saboteurs, killers, and traitors on the home front, and a submersible aircraft carrier packed with the Allies' best and brightest somewhere under the Mediterranean.

Mission I is out now, on my website or on your Nook and Kindle. The home front sees action from hard-boiled spin-off "The Billy Club Bastard" which started as an Athena Prime entry and has grown into its own world, with three cases available for free on UnusualOccurrences. There are also two upcoming and exciting new projects, as well as the soon-to-be-released "Mission II: The Butcher and the Black Tide", which takes our hero into the heart of Francoist Spain to rescue a lost friend.

Sanchez, Back Alley Productions has already gained some notice on the internet and among the Virginia Independent Film community. Your spooky "The Near Departed" was even posted here on dieselpunks.

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Tell us a little about Back Alley, its work, and its dedicated all-volunteer force: Back Alley Productions was started by my friend Julian Ashbee for the Virginia 48 hour film festival. The crew ranges from first timers to hollywood veterans. It was apparent right from the start that we had the perfect combination of people working together. Working together on the momentum generated at the festival: The crew is too numerous to list here but let me stress that all the praise should be theirs and not mine.

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I've found that many self-proclaimed dieselpunks say they've felt they "always were a dieselpunk, but didn't yet have a name for it. Dieselpunk was not something I discovered until I'd already written Lucky Ford. It was awesome to find a community of people who appreciated all the things I love. I guess I'm one of the "always was's".

But I can distinctly remember getting a first taste of it while playing Crimson Skies for PC at a computer camp through our middle school. From the roots of science fiction, come all good things.

Daniel Baldwin (Author of The Dragon, the Wolf, and the Maiden)

On the subject of dieselpunk, what attracted you to creating dieselpunk art, both written and filmed? The distinctive style of dieselpunk is what brought me in. Black and white, good and bad, light and dark; all with awesome, classic, iconic style. Steam is just too clean for me. I enjoy the imagery, and the ambience of dieselpunk.

I enjoy thinking about the echoes of boots on steel gantries, and the images of bulkheads and clouds of fuel vapor. There is something about the untapped energy of every piece of the environment that makes it such a wonderful world in which to create. Do you have any advice for all the aspiring writers and filmmakers out there, dieselpunk or otherwise?

Back Alley is an all-volunteer company. What can the dieselpunks of the world, particularly those outside of the US, do to help? Today is the last day left to fund raise for this film. IndieGoGo is an awesome platform, but if we don't reach our goal they take a big bite out of our budget.

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And if we go over, the extra money will go to bringing the best possible wardrobe and special effects into the movie, including green screens. You can find our fund-raising campaign at http: We definitely are concentrating mostly on the funding situation however; we need artists, crafters, technicians and social media heroes to help us make this the best possible short film.

Once we have the finished product, we need you to watch it, share it, and talk about it. Thank you both, gentlemen, for your time and for sharing your creation with the dieselpunk community. Any final words or parting shots?

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All Articles My Articles Add. But don't worry, you still get some action and some fun Tony: Have your vision and stick to it. You just have to stay vigilant. The trailer for The Doktor Is In. Everyone should have more info about "The Doktor is In" in their email inbox right now. If not, check your spam folder or follow this link to sign up for the UnusualOccurrences. With your help, we'll be able to rent the camera equipment and props, and to create the crazy effects to tell this story right. Please help us out with our Indiegogo fundraising drive, and earn yourself some awesome and exclusive Lucky Ford gear in the process.

Big news coming in just a few hours on UnusualOccurrences. Stay tuned and stay vigilant!

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Last week, over on UnusualOccurrences. Later today we'll have more original art for your viewing pleasure! Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account?

Dieselpunks Interview: Daniel Baldwin and Tony Sanchez, producers of "The Doktor is In"

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