Manual Trials of Hope: An Inspirational Novel of Hope, Love, and Law (The Taylor Series Book 2)

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His legal knowledge enriches the story, while bringing courtroom scenes to life. Attorney and Author of Starlette Universe —Book 2: Eva from E-ville Delray Beach, Florida.

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Paul Turk manages to weave together a tale of how our life choices can impact our families, our future and even our freedom. With hard-hitting courtroom scenes and a story that is warm, encouraging and true-to-life, he exposes the weighty issues at play, but demonstrates the mercy and grace of God at work. It will challenge your thinking, but mostly, it demonstrates that there is always hope. Those words send shock waves into the family who will be dealing with the havoc and destruction that fractured families deal with everyday.

Woven into the fabric of the story is the monumental task of dealing with the disease of alcoholism in a novel and unique way. He is able to resolve the character flaws of the mother in a manner that truly serves the best interests of the children which is the hallmark of any hotly contested custody case. Paul loves as Christ loves. This book is better because of it. I highly commend this book for your reading enjoyment if you are attracted to great stories of the trials of everyday life with a resolution that is sure to surprise you! I found the trial narrative compelling.

And the Pilgrimage journal prompted many treasured memories of my own experience of the Holy Land.

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Thankfully, we have author, and former trial lawyer, Paul Turk to navigate us through those troubled waters. Turk takes full advantage of his legal background, weaving an edifying tale of family and faith. Along the way, the reader is transported from a prison ministry, to the courts of justice, to the steps of the Via Dolorosa in the Holy Land. I look forward to reading more of them! The journey of both their marriage and their pilgrimage to the Holy Land is inspiring.

The continuing saga of John and Anna Taylor and their faith-filled responses to the events that take place in their lives and the lives of the people they touch is an example for all of us. Readers get a fascinating, behind-the-scenes view of a messy legal battle and are taken on a non-stop ride from inside the prisons and courtrooms of south Florida to Israel, where the Taylors gain new perspectives in the Holy Land. He is an awesome author. I have read all three of his books and once I started reading each one, I could not put it down.

I also love the fact that each book was Christian. Anyone who purchases this book and reads it will certainly NOT be disappointed. Keep them coming Paul! Patricia Branagh, Syracuse, New York. I love how Paul weaves the faith journey of the characters throughout the series, and develops their personalities and friendships. Cannot wait for the next series from Paul.

Paul Leveille, Wellington, Florida. Paul has done it again. He has a talent to get your attention from the start and keep it. Loved all 3 of the series.

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Will be looking forward to his next book or series. I strongly recommend all this series. You will love them. Sharon Jernigan, Ocala, Florida. Looking forward to the next novel. Norma Loftus, Oriskany, New York. Katherine Milam, Plantation, Florida. Most of the books I read are non-fiction. The characters are very real and portions of the books are like a mystery. Paul has used his Christian faith, legal background and his life experiences to tell these stories.

These books will encourage people to seek victory while standing on the promises of God.

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I was looking forward to this 3rd book by Paul Turk and was not disappointed. This book was as much a page-turner as the first two. I especially enjoyed the fact that the end was not predictable. His characters are believable and the emotions are heartfelt. I hope Paul Turk continues to write many more books. Ken Reynolds, Jupiter, Florida.

I will miss John and Anna Taylor, as their trilogy has come to an end, but would ask the author to revisit their lives in future novels. Their spirits are engaging and they present role models for Christian living. Also, the Holy Land Pilgrimage was informative and full of spiritual insights. This is a narrative of justice, hope and providence and a delightful, entertaining and highly-recommended read.

Kathy Johnson, Boca Raton, Florida. His books are inspiring to me; especially how John Taylor has grown in the practice of his faith, through his family, law practice, and in his prison ministries. What a great example of love and in this book, it gave me a renewed appreciation for my wife. It is a very difficult thing, once begun, to put a Paul Turk novel down! It is even more difficult to forget his characters and their search for redemption in a fallen world.

Gail, Author, Villanova, Pa.

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He has the ability to weave several characters and situations into one compelling story. Turk has again woven courtroom drama with real life spiritual trials. A wonderful and inspiring read! Paul Turk accurately and realistically portrays the sometimes ugly and sad world of probate litigation, where the sorrow and grief of losing a loved one is often compounded by fragile family relationships being torn apart, but he approaches this world from a biblical perspective through engaging storytelling and the development of his strong, faith-centered characters and the ethical and moral dilemmas they face.

The result is inspiring and uplifting, showing the reader the hope, peace, and resolution that only a personal relationship with Christ can bring. The good and true-to-life legal plot is interwoven with the spiritual yearnings and triumphs of richly crafted characters. Bill Milam, Plantation, Florida. I appreciate the details of family life, faith and vocation that are all given throughout this book. Bob Galasso, Spring Hill, Florida. And he accomplishes this effortlessly; the reader is not lead or forced, but rather willing and naturally experiences them through characters.

The reader is not left emotionally exhausted, but energized and inspired. I highly recommend both books. Turk has a unique way of presenting the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus with the reality of our everyday lives in a very entertaining way. I highly recommend this book to everyone. As a former trial lawyer, Paul makes the courtroom come alive for the reader. This book keeps you turning pages way after good sense tells you to turn out the light. We are hoping that Paul will continue his story of John and Anna.

This book manages to successfully and intriguingly incorporate: It should appeal to a wide readership. How do I use student data to improve my instruction? How do I foster risk-taking and innovation in my classroom? Mooney and Ann T. How do I work with an instructional coach to grow as a teacher? Moss and Susan M. Advancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom: Murawski and Wendy W. Nord and Charles C. How do I promote rich conversations about books, videos, and other media? Kress and Maurice J. Building Learning Communities with Character: From Standards to Success: Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Building Literacy in Social Studies: Engaging Minds in the Classroom: Cultivating Curiosity in K—12 Classrooms: Understanding How Young Children Learn: Authentic Learning in the Digital Age: Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: Researching in a Digital World: How do I teach my students to conduct quality online research?

Parrett and Kathleen M. Patterson and Paul Kelleher. Fast and Effective Assessment: The Mathematics Program Improvement Review: How do I improve teaching using multiple measures? Hubbell and Matt Kuhn. Pollock and Susan Hensley. Pollock and Sharon M. Ford and Margaret M. Instruction That Measures Up: Test Better, Teach Better: Transformative Assessment in Action: Posamentier, Daniel Jaye and Stephen Krulik. How to Teach Now: Leading Change in Your School: Where Great Teaching Begins: Digital Portfolios in the Classroom: Five Myths About Classroom Technology: How do we integrate digital tools to truly enhance learning?

Richetti and Benjamin B. Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: Managing Your Classroom with Heart: The New Principal's Fieldbook: Strategies for Success with English Language Learners: Learning in the Fast Lane: Teaching in the Fast Lane: Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Rosebrough and Ralph G.

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Leading an Inclusive School: We were a team. In many ways, Ms. Noah reminds me of African-American mothers I admire here in the States, black women who want better for their children and who teach them how to survive in a racist society — how to dream bigger and never let oppression define them.

As a black woman, I understand the burden of racism and gender discrimination and connect to Ms. She had to wrestle with the expectations and assumptions of a larger society, as well as of her own culture. She used her underground connections to secretly rent a place in downtown Johannesburg — where black people were forbidden to reside, unless they were laborers.

Prostitutes taught her how to disguise herself as a maid so that she could navigate through the after-curfew hours without the special ID most blacks were required to carry. If caught without identification after curfew, they could be fined or jailed. Noah got caught and paid the fine. But she defiantly remained a resident in the area. Humor became a survival mechanism for both her and her son. I feel like laughter reminds you of your best self, your favorite self, your freest self.

Even before they knew apartheid would end, she wanted him to live freely. It was her aim, he writes, to keep him from internalizing his oppression, and to convince him that he was greater than social labels. This is a familiar narrative for those growing up in marginalized communities. My mom did the same for me as a kid growing up in Oakland, taking me to the library and museums, on tours of local college campuses, and showings of open houses in pricey neighborhoods.

Noah did that and more. She worked diligently to stay out of poverty and keep Noah in good schools.