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Today we are taking it back all the way to episode 32 for the first of the Best of the Show series we are running while Jordan takes some time to herself to heal! Jordan chats SOLO on this episode for the first time and dives deep sharing her personal experience with trauma, her views on the subject, and how she healed herself through self-care, yoga, wellness and more. In the last decade she has learned so many coping mechanisms that she shares in this episode.

Jordan has been talking about them on the blog for YEARS because they help her feel amazing, and she wants you to know about them, too! HUM is an all-natural line of supplements, and their goal is to use science-based and clinical-backed nutrition as a tool for helping people feel amazing. When you go to HUMNutrition.

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You know how much Jordan loves her probiotics! Silver Fern has the proper amount of strains of bacteria in their probiotic, so it can actually arrive alive in your intestinal tract. For more info, visit: The Balanced Blonde is produced by Podcast Masters. Today we are taking it back all the way to episode 25 for the first of the Best of the Show series we are running while Jordan takes some time to herself to heal! The girls discuss unblocking their lives and living that soul on fire life!

Danika was awesome enough to give us a Model Meals discount code!!! Are you OnShrooms yet? You can go to FourSigmatic. As much as Jordan loves cooking at home, sometimes the hardest part of eating healthy is just finding the time!

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They deliver healthy and delicious recipes with fresh ingredients straight to your door, and you can prepare each meal in 30 minutes or less. Plus there are gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and family options available! Today is my final new episode for a little while, as I take time to really pay attention to bettering my health.

And they have some exciting news: If you want a chance to win a case of all the new flavors, all you have to do is Have you tried Thrive Market yet? Jedidiah has such an amazing way of making people feel so heard and loved, and that truly is felt in this conversation.

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Jordan and Jedidiah talk all about his new book, which is all about his bike trek from Oregon to Patagonia, and what he discovered in himself along the way. The two even go into his relationship with religion and his sexuality, all the way to what his life looks like now! Jenna is an intuitive and incredibly talented Human Design energy type reader, with the Projector type as her Human Design.

Jenna is sipping the celery juice! The ingredients that Luminuex uses in their products are all-natural, safe for sensitive mouths, and are totally effective. Jordan personally loves the teeth whitening strips, made with coconut oil and lemon peel oil, and are cruelty-free! Enter to win a box of whitening strips! Head over to oralessentials. Jordan chats with her amazing father, Byron Younger, today on the podcast!

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Byron is a very inspiring entrepreneur, and shares his story of marrying young, having children in his early twenties, not having a college degree, and so much more. Jordan is beyond happy to have had the opportunity to have this special conversation with her father, for all of you to hear!

Jordan chats with Sahara Rose, and is so happy to because Jordan has known Sahara for a long time now! Jordan really wanted to show a different side of Sahara than you normally would hear on other podcasts, or that of her own! The girls chat about manifesting the life of their dreams, going with the flow of the universe, Ayurvedic living, connecting with their idols via manifestation, wedding planning in a conscious way, and so much more. Jordan has been loving Vuori Clothing activewear so much! They have such cute pieces, great for workouts and for lounging around.

Plus, they are made locally to the southern California area. Head over to vuoriclothing. Jordan and Jonathan share all about their recent engagement!

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Do you have trouble finding affordable, on-trend, and CUTE workout clothes? Look no further - Fabletics is an amazing company that Jordan just loves because they offer so many great activewear options at an absolutely exceptional price! Head on over to fabletics. The Whole30 has helped so many people experience countless benefits like more energy, better sleep, and relief from inflammation. It will most definitely help you stay on top of your health and fitness goals! Head over to your favorite bookstore, or go to whole Lord, restore the joy I had I have wandered, bring me back In this darkness, lead me through Until all I see is you.

Lord, let me burn for you again Let me return to you again And lord, let me burn for you again Let me return to you again. I'm waiting for the day When I am a soul on fire God, I'm running for your heart I'm running for your heart.