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There is lot more to it than simply trying out tough problems.

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The most common situation occurs when you encounter extremely tough questions like the Olympiad ones. Most people simply sit and stare at the problem and don't go beyond that.

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Even the kids who are extremely fast with 10th grade math miserably fail. It is simply amazing. In case you have ever wondered why, in spite of being lightning fast in solving textbook exercises in the 10th and 11th grade, you fail in being able to solve even a single problem from the IMO, you have to read this book.

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I am surprised to see Polya's book getting mentioned so very often bu nobody ever mentions Schoenfeld's book. It is a must read book for ANY math enthusiast and the math majors. After reading this book, you will possibly get a picture as to what is involved in solving higher level math problems especially the psychology of it.

You need to know that as psychology is one of the greatest hurdles to over when it comes to solving contest problems.

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Then you move on to "Thinking Mathematically" written by J. This book also explains the mindset needed for solving problems of the Olympiad kind. At this point, you will probably realize what ExACTLY it means when others say that "problem solving is all about practice". All the while you would be thinking "practice what?

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  8. I simply cannot make the first move successfully and how can I practice when I can't even solve one problem even when I tried for like a month". It is problem solving and not research in math that you are trying to do.

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    You will probably get a better picture after going through the above three books. There is also problem solving through problems by Loren Larson.

    These are helpful only if you could solve Paul Zeitz's book successfully. To conclude, if you are looking for guidance at the level of math Olympiad, look for other books.

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    This book won't be of much assistance. On the other hand, if you are simply trying to get better at grade school math, this book will be very useful. It contains all problems and solutions. Functional Equations and How to solve them by Christopher G.

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    This book especially discusses techniques for solving functional equations which appear in the Olympiads. Geometry Unbound by Kiran Kedlaya. Le gare di matematica, quando si arriva a livello universitario o comunque alla fine delle superiori, sono un massacro. Sembrerebbe in effetti che ci sia un fil rouge all'interno dei capitli, ma io non sono riuscito a seguirlo, a differenza per esempio di The Art and Craft of Problem Solving di Paul Zeitz.

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