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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The books sample sounded too promising, unfortunately it is a self indulgent 'off loading'. Too much of a personal story that covers the authors personal experiences. The author seeks to make money with her personal story, which is terrible, as those who seek to educate on this subject have their own recovery to deal with.

So reassuring to read and makes sense of something that has been so confusing for so long. Well written and impossible to put down. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Reading this book was an incredibly validating experience. I believe that this book is essential for daughters of narcissistic mothers. Such mothers simply do not have the capacity to ever be warm, loving, or empathetic.

I have read many books on narcissist personality disorder. The difference with this book is that it is written from a first hand experience and includes very specific situations and events between the narcissistic mother and the "still" seeking daughter. It was also interesting to see how many family members become enablers and victims out of need, and others even continue the cycle within their own families. This book explains that daughters of narcissistic mothers may be subject to projection, extreme jealousy, and envy because you are viewed as her extension or shadow.

It finally confirms what you may have sensed already or had been told by others whom you have a loving relationship with. This is a must read! Learn to move on and realize that it is not about you!

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As explained it is usually passed on from generation to generation. Break the cycle if you are now a Mother and want to show your own children what true unconditional love is. Once one has their own family they truly realize what genuine love is, and that placing your children's needs before your own is priority. This book is a true awakening for anyone who has dealt with this issue. There is no need to blame someone who is suffering from a mental illness as described in the DSM. There is no need for one to feel obligated to be a part of a passive-aggressive battleground, with a narcissistic mother as the ring-master.

I actually have been in contact with the author, and have found her personal insight to be extremely enlightening. Read this book and move on with living a happy, liberating and emotionally healthy life!! I agree with all the 5-star reviews here. Tina Fuller's book is excellent.

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Not only does she provide a method on how to determine whether your parent is narcissistic, but she also has a method to help her readers deal with it. I appreciated that the book was concise but comprehensive. If no faults or errors were found, she would accredit the accomplishment to my having her superior genes. This constant berating, mocking and humiliation completely destroyed the possibility of my developing any self-worth.

All of her demeaning comments left me feeling unloved, and that I was simply being tolerated. At a young age, she suggested that I learn a skill, and then focus on getting married. College was never an option for me. I began to believe every fault, judgment and limitation my mother had placed on me.

Growing up in this environment left me feeling completely inept. This dysfunctional cycle continued well into adulthood. I had a very difficult time with relationships. The relationship with my mother was completely strained. I thought that my leaving home would have helped the relationship, but it only made things worse.

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By the age of 31, I was married and had my first child. The relationship with my mother continued on a downward spiral. Everything I did was wrong in her eyes. This included my husband, house and the way I was raising my child. Two years later while I was waiting for the arrival of my second child, my mother offered to come stay in my home to help take care of my daughter. I really needed the help and thought that it might actually bring us closer.

This was a huge mistake. I felt that I had done everything in my power to improve the situation. Everything was always my fault. We had endless discussions concerning all the things I had done wrong. I made several attempts to reconcile with her. I always ended up holding all the blame. She told me that I was a huge disappointment to her. I was not acting like a good daughter should.

It’s My Turn:

I kept trying to figure out where I went wrong. Once again, I ended up accepting all the responsibility for the failure of our relationship. I came to discover that my mother was a narcissist around the age of This discovery happened quite by mistake. Like many other people I had heard the word before, but never paid very much attention to it. When I arrived home I decided to find out what it meant. As I was reading over the information, I suddenly realized that it completely described my mother.

It said that a person must display at least 3 to 4 of the following characteristics to be considered narcissistic. As I read over all the characteristics, I found that my mother displayed each and every one! Discovering my mother was narcissistic was the first step towards my healing. I realized that I was not the problem, she was! I was not to blame for the poor relationship we had. I felt a huge sense of relief. Obtaining this knowledge felt like I had been drowning for years and just received a breath of fresh air.

I had so many questions I needed answers to.

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I completely immersed myself in every bit of information concerning narcissism that I could possibly find. I wanted to learn how to save myself from receiving any more pain. Was there any way she could change? I found that I began to experience many different emotions towards my mother and myself. It was like being on an emotional rollercoaster. I thought that it would be beneficial for me to purchase a notebook to keep track of my thoughts and emotions.

I then began to feel an enormous amount of anger towards my mother. I wanted to be able to release my anger and sadness in a safe way. I came to the conclusion that I needed to protect myself from her continuous verbal and emotional abuse. I imagined that I was wearing a rubber suit and that her demeaning comments would simply bounce off of me. Is it true love or is it bound to fizzle out? Enter your name and the name of your crush and see what happens next! Snail Bob's come out of his shell, but his path to true love is paved with peril.

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